What is "Nerd Square?"

During my time in middle and high school, I found myself having a difficult time fitting in. I was, and still am, socially awkward, and I have a lot of social anxiety. It also did not help that I was not into sports, had no designer clothes, and wasn't up to date with celebrity lifestyles. Instead, I found myself involved in activities like chess club, JROTC, and Future Business Leaders of America. I also wrote poetry and posted it on youtube in my spare time.

 I had a small group of nerdy friends, just like me, that I hung out with when I could. One day, after constantly being told how we weren't cool enough to be in other people's groups, I decided to create a group on my own. The group's name, which initially started on Facebook, was Nerd Square. Nerd Square was originally a group that I made so that my friends and I could say that we were a part of something that no one else could get in. Nerd Square gave us a sense of belonging.

One day, while I was walking through the mall with my friend, we saw a man in the middle of the mall making custom t-shirts. My friend and I decided to get matching shirts that said "Nerd Square" on them. The next day we wore our shirts to school, and all my friends in my group absolutely loved them. And just like that, a seed was planted.

Nerd Square

The word "Square" came from the numerical term" to the square power" and the fact that "squares" are generally people who do not fit in, and I felt like I didn't fit in at all. I have a very nerdy personality, but it is this exact personality that makes me extraordinary.

Nerd Square was birth into life in 2014 and trademarked in 2015. The company was created to give students who felt separated from their peers a place of reconciliation. Further developing the concept, I realized a more significant issue: Today's Youth's Inability to Express Themselves Respectfully and Positively. Nerd Square is designed to be the outlet for young people to find apparel that they can relate to and comfortably wear with positive and respectful messaging.



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