Don't call me a "Nerd!"

People always tell me how they love my brand, but they can't wear it, so they will buy it for someone else. I proceed to ask them why can't they wear it, and they respond with, "Because I am not a Nerd." So the next question I ask them is, "What does the word 'nerd' mean to you?" This is the moment they start to stutter, take a long time to answer, or simply get defensive. I had asked that question to a young lady before while I was vending, and she replied, "a nerd is someone who is smart." So then I said, "so why are you not a nerd? Do you not consider yourself smart?" She replied, "no, I am not smart."

Now, this could mean 3 things.
1. She really did not want to be called a "nerd."
2. She truly did not think she was intelligent.
3. She didn't think she was intelligent enough to be called a nerd.

Regardless of what her reasoning is for saying that, it spoke volumes about her self-respect and self-confidence.
When you ask the average individual what makes someone a "nerd," they will instantly start to list a bunch of positive traits such as intelligence, bookworm, sci-fi fan, etc., and yet still not consider themselves a nerd. This is because of this imaginary negative connotation attached to the word.

If we continue to treat the word "nerd" as an insult, it only makes sense that we will unconsciously equate intelligence with something to be ashamed of. Phrases like "you talk white" and "you act white" only further prove the rhetoric that appearing intelligent is odd. Or at least odd in the black community.

It is common to turn on the tv or go on social media platforms and see constant imagery of ignorance shown of people who resemble us. Not to mention, the people who promote this ignorant behavior are being compensated for it. This can make many people believe that promoting ignorance and negativity can lead to financial freedom and popularity.

There comes a time when we must ask ourselves, "when we call someone a "nerd" as an insult, and then turn around and call ourselves thugs, bad b***hes, real ni**a, what does that say about what we deem as cool?"

Religion Sells
Sex Sells
Ignorance Sell
Knowledge stays on the shelf.

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