Toxic Masculinity

Men should be providers and protectors.
It is easy to look at society and think that all men have to be interested in sports, sleeping around, being in a gang, or simply violent which is not true. Some guys are interested in activities that society does not deem manly such as gymnastics, reading, poetry, drawing, dancing, cooking, cosplay, anime, gardening, swimming, etc. Does his love for these various things make him any less of a man? No. He can still be a protector, a provider, and he still deserves respect. The problem is society tends to belittle men who are interested in these types of activities by calling them soft, girly, and gay. (Now using the word "gay" as an insult is a whole different topic on its own, but for the sake of this topic I will move on.) This ideology can be very damaging to young boys because they will eventually grow up displaying toxic masculinity. It will become toxic masculinity because you will have men who feel the need to be something they are not to fit in, to be looked at as cool, or to simply be looked at as a man. These boys will end up hating themselves, suppressing their emotions, and later expressing those emotions in an unhealthy way.
It is okay to not listen to rap, or watch sports, or play sports, or be a handyman, or be muscular. And I want to make it clear that I am not saying that those things are bad, I am just saying not every guy has the same interest and that is okay.
But toxic masculinity is even deeper than that because society will also have men believing that men should have multiple partners, be affiliated with gangs, and suppress their emotions.
Young boys notice that the cool kids tend to be the disrespectful ones, the degrading ones, the athletic type, the womanizing type, and to be accepted, respected, looked at as cool and not bullied, these young boys tend to force themselves to be like that. And again these boys grow up to be men who display the same traits.

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