Don't call me no F**king Nerd!

People always tell me how they love my brand, but they can't wear it so they will buy it for someone else. I proceed to ask them why can't they wear it, and they respond with "Because I am not a Nerd." So the next question I ask them is, "What does the word 'nerd' mean to you?" This is the moment they start to stutter, take a long time to answer, or simply get defensive. I had asked that question to a young lady before while I was vending and she replied with, "a nerd is someone who is smart." So then I said, "so why are you not a nerd? Do you not consider yourself smart?" She replied, "no, I am not smart." I respect the honesty but this is sad and says a lot about her self-respect and confidence. Majority of people when you ask them what makes someone a "nerd" will instantly start to list a bunch of positive traits and yet still not consider themselves a nerd. This is because of this imaginary negative connotation attached to the word. I am just tired of living in a society that is okay with calling themselves thugs, gangsters, players, fuckboys, bitches, hoes, thots, and then turn around and treat the word "nerd" as an insult.

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